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Damages: Estimating Pecuniary Loss

By Cara L. Brown

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"This looks like a marvelous piece of work. I haven't seen anything comparable to your book, and I always had to search around for examples and isolated references for this kind of material."

Dr. Ken Cooper-Stephenson, University of Saskatchewan

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This text merges Canadian case law principles and guidance with forensic economic data available to understand the impact of an interruption on an earnings stream, both for individuals and for families, and for wage earners and the self-employed, in the context of civil litigation. Other heads of damage are explored (loss of valuable services/housekeeping, future cost of care, tax gross-up) and damages arising from unique circumstances are addressed (wrongful death, sexual harassment, sexual assault, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful confinement, marriage breakdown). The role of expert evidence in Canada's civil litigation field is discussed, drawing on the author's 100+ testimonies in courts across Canada and the US. The text is updated annually for changes and advances in case law and economic data and methodologies.