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Diaries for Individual Information

Selecting a Diary assists a quantum expert in assessing economic housekeeping damages in civil litigation or compiling education & employment information for a loss of income/dependency assessment.

Brown Economic's "Diary of Household Activities" has been modified to align with Statistics Canada's 2015 General Social Survey time use data (released by Statistics Canada in 2017).

Time use data is included with our formal economic assessments to provide comparative information to information from the plaintiff or widow(er) on household/parental tasks.

Brown Economic Consulting is, to our knowledge, the only expert witness firm to have created an intake Diary which has been tested by counsel and used by plaintiffs for more than 20 years, as well as approved by the Court of Appeal of Alberta in Baker v. Poucette 2017 ABCA 334 (paras. [40] through to [44]) as evidence for the family's claim to loss of household services.