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Excerpt from The City of Calgary and Calgary Police Association

[38] The City proposed wage increases of 3.5% for 2002 and 3% for 2003. The Association proposed increases of 5.2% for each of 2002 and 2003.

[38h] In Cara Brown's report, she forecasts inflation for Calgary, Alberta and Canada as being slightly higher in 2003 than in 2002. The Conference Board of Canada's Metropolitan Outlook (Winter 2002) which was filed as an Exhibit, forecasts CPI in Calgary for 2002 at 1.7% and for 2003 at 3.2%. Against a projected CPI increase for 2003 in Calgary of 3.2%, it is hard to justify a wage increase for Calgary Police Officers in a sum less than that amount.

We have received uncontradicted evidence from Cara Brown that CPI contains an upward bias when compared to inflation and we understand the logic of the is our conclusion that a 3.2% increase on wages for the year 2003 to take effect as at January 1, 2003, is appropriate and it is do directed.