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Court Testimony from Experts @ BEC

Excerpt from Moth v. McConnell

(14 January 2000), Edmonton Action No. 9703-03413 (Alta. Q.B.) [Smith J., Judicial District of Edmonton].

"The plaintiff called Cara L. Brown, an economist, who is an expert in labour economics. She made assumptions that I accept. She justified her opinion that pretrial loss of income, including prejudgment interest to January 11, 2000, including a provision of overtime, to be $204,500. Ms. Brown was of the opinion that future income loss to age 62 to be $373,000. In addition, the plaintiff lost Canada Pension Plan benefits totalling $13,000. I accept her calculations with respect to these claims."

"The plaintiffs will have judgment for the amounts that I have outlined. The plaintiffs will have interest pursuant to the terms of the Judgment Interest."