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Court Testimony from Experts @ BEC

Excerpt From McRoberts v. Whissell, 2005 ABQB 30

Ms. Brown testified for Norm Pollock, QC and the defense in an oppression action in Edmonton, Alberta: McRoberts v. Whissell, 2005 ABQB 30 regarding the appropriateness of a CEO's compensation. Clackson, J. heard expert evidence on this action from a CMA and CA, as well as Ms. Brown, whom he qualified to give evidence:

para. [33] ...Cara Brown [is qualified] as an expert in labour economics, all aspects of employment compensation and economic analysis of prior and future income.

Clackson, J. determined that the plaintiff's argument that the CEO had improperly paid salaries and bonuses fails (para. 38) and commented as follows on Ms. Brown's testimony:

para. [34] Ms. Brown's opinions were compelling. She concluded that, on the basis of a variety nation wide survey data and the various tasks performed by Brian for Engineering, a conservative analysis of the total compensation that Brian alone ought to have received would be $2,353,622 [over the 1984-1997 period]. Other evidence established that in fact, the combined compensation of Brian and Rita [his spouse, who also worked in the business] by way of salary and bonuses was less than that sum. (emphasis added)