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Court Testimony from Experts @ BEC

Excerpt from MacLeod v. Canada Post Corp.

[2003] S.J. No. 113, (SKQB 86) [Hunter J., Judicial Centre of Yorkton]

BEC worked for the defendants in this case. The plaintiff was not awarded any damages for loss of income. However, the court made a 'provisional' statement with respect to the economic evidence in case damages were awarded on appeal:

[120] In view of the outcome it is unnecessary to deal with MacLeod's claim for damages but I shall make a brief comment only about the evidence of the experts presented and make a contingent finding with respect to damages. The evidence of Cara Brown is preferred to that of Dr. Bruce with respect to the applicable wage rates to be used to calculate the wage loss (both past and future) for union and non-union plumbers in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan and the expected annual work hours and the reasonable expectation of income for persons who graduate from DeVry.

Description Amount
Future income loss (post-judgment) Nil