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Excerpt from Haley v. Haley

[1996] S.J. No. 105 (QL) (Sask. Q.B.) at paras. 24-25 & 35 [Achambault J., Judicial District of Regina].

"I find that Ms. Brown's findings and conclusions are based on reasonable and realistic assumptions."

"While it is difficult to accurately ascertain Mary's loss in monetary terms, Ms. Brown's estimates and observations represent a realistic and reasonable approach in endeavouring to do so and her report should be taken into account by the court in the determination of spousal maintenance and the division of matrimonial property even though the court is not compelled to accept her exact figures. Future loss of income and earning capacity can never be measured in precise terms given the contingencies of life.

Nevertheless, Ms. Brown's report provides the court with useful information which the court should carefully consider."

"Based on these considerations and given the economic disadvantage suffered by Mary, I agree with Cara Brown that somewhere in between (preferably the mid-point) the termination and retirement method is the route to go in this case."