Rachel Rogers
Rachel Rogers, B.A., J.D.
Economic Consultant & Legal Researcher

Office: Calgary
Ext. 216




Juris DoctorSchulich School of Law, 2012
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)University of Prince Edward Island, 2008
»Ms. Rogers’ Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Given her experience and educational background in economics and law, Rachel Rogers brings a multi-faceted understanding of the field to Brown Economic Consulting Inc. Her proficiency in labour economics and labour law allow her to appreciate the diversity of the clients from various angles. After finishing her degree in economics, Ms. Rogers went on to pursue a Juris Doctor (formerly known as an LLB degree) at Dalhousie University. It was during her time at law school, after analyzing numerous case studies regarding the calculation of loss of income in negligence and medical malpractice suits, that Ms. Rogers’ interest in the field of forensic economics developed.

Ms. Rogers’ areas of expertise at Brown Economic Consulting include preparation of reports involving personal injury claims, fatal accident cases, and loss of income due to sexual assault, and legal research pertaining to recent case law and legislation that dictates the methodology used in Brown Economic Consulting’s calculations. Ms. Rogers’ legal research of case law and legislation helps to ensure Brown Economic Consulting’s calculation methods are valid from a jurisprudence viewpoint with respect to topics such as the real discount rate, the treatment of income tax and Canada Pension Plan/Employment Insurance contributions, and the deductibility of income continuation benefits.

Ms. Rogers also assists Ms. Brown with the firm’s research and has assisted with bi-annual updates of Damages: Estimating Pecuniary Loss each year since 2013. In addition to Ms. Brown’s Canada Law Book text, Ms. Rogers has assisted Ms. Brown with the following issues of Brown’s Economic Damages Newsletters:

  • ECONOMIC DAMAGES DUE TO SEXUAL ASSAULT: John Doe (G.E.B. #25) v. The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of St. John’s” February 2018, vol. 15, issue 2
  • “Housekeeping Capacity Awards: Unique aspects related to quantum (A User’s Guide)”, June/July 2018, vol. 15, issue 6
  • Baker Estate v. Poucette (2016-2017): Appeal Decision sets Principles for “Fairness” in Fatality Cases” November 2017, vol. 14, issue 9
  • Biletski v. University of Regina - JURY VERDICT in excess of $9 million, including $879,000 for loss of marriage benefit” October 2017, vol. 14, issue 8
  • “University of Regina v. Biletski — COURT OF APPEAL FOR SASKATCHEWAN approves trial jury’s award in excess of $9 million, including $879,000 for loss of marriage benefit, affirming a total award for Ms. Biletski of excess of $12.1 million”, Spring 2019, vol. 16, issue 2
  • “2016 Housekeeping Hourly Rates: 1] used in court-ready assessments 2] used in the online Housekeeping Damages CalculatorTM @ www.browneconomic.com 3] plus 4 recent cases awarding housekeeping damages” May 2016, vol. 13, issue 5
  • “Guidelines for experts from case law” January 2016, vol. 13, issue 1
  • “2015 Housekeeping hourly rates: used in court-ready assessments & for the online Housekeeping Damages CalculatorTM @ www.browneconomic.com” February 2015, vol. 12, issue 2
  • “2011 National Household Survey Data & Income Sources Available to Forensic Economics” February 2014, vol. 11, issue 2
  • “The Impact of Disability in Canada: Follow-up to the 2001/2006 PALS Surveys” January 2014, vol. 11, issue 1
  • “Housekeeping & Cost of Care Awards: 2013 rates & 2012-13 Cases”, August 2013, vol. 10, issue 7
Ms. Rogers frequently attends conferences/seminars hosted by the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association as Brown Economic Consulting’s representative.