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Ms. Brown testified at the Mount Cashel trial in St. John’s, Newfoundland in June of 2016. Read the newspaper coverage of the trial involving three male plaintiffs (“John Does“) who were sexually assaulted in the 1950s / 1960s.

Ms. Brown has authored three articles recently that have appeared in The Litigator, The Barrister and Canadian Defence Lawyers’ online HEARSAY newsletter. Read about factors influencing quantum (The Litigator), positive and negative contingencies (The Barrister) and low-income plaintiffs (HEARSAY).

Brown Economic Consulting continues to publish its monthly newsletter, Brown’s Economic Damages Newsletter and regularly updates the newsletter topic index.  Recent topics include a 3-part series on immigrants in Canada and a 2-part series on Aboriginals in Canada: labour force statistics, life expectancy and earnings trends.  To subscribe to our newsletter, please us. To request prior issues, email us for

- Ms. Brown is available in the Calgary office to discuss new or potential files: dial toll-free at 1-800-301-8801 and press extension 201 or send her an Review Ms. Brown’s curriculum vitae here.